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The Lesser Column was first established in 2010 as a regularly updated pop culture blog, with a focus on films, new music, books, TV and DVD releases. Occasional essays would surface scrutinising society and culture, and gradually, people were tuning in. In blog form, The Lesser Column has accumulated a cache of more than 300 articles, reviews and essays, with content which has reached more than 61,000 people from dozens of countries around the world.

Why ‘The Lesser Column’?
The whole thing started off as a bit of self-deprecating humour. Newspapers, magazines and websites have a variety of columns. There’s the editorial column, the sports column, the gossip column… and now, this. Keep in mind that when it comes to entertainment journalism, much of what’s out there at the moment is a hastily cobbled-together shambles delivered by someone who hasn’t the first clue what they’re talking about, is mostly based on gossip, ‘click bait’ and innuendo. What someone wears to an awards show is usually covered with a lot more interest than the awards being given, and the reason they’re being given – so the packaging is getting more coverage than the gift. We don’t care who wore it better. The Lesser Column is, to a certain degree, the lesser of two ‘evils’. Popular culture isn’t the most important thing you’ll read in any given media today, but we don’t deal in speculation, gossip and innuendo. Ours is an arts and entertainment hub; a source and go-to place for informed analysis and opinion.

The Lesser Column covers a broad spectrum of content. With a focus on film, we also publish reviews of music, books, TV shows, live theatre and stand-up comedy, as well as occasional pieces of social and cultural commentary. Our reviews don’t give star ratings or ‘thumbs up/down’, and come from a more personal perspective – why what’s on display affected us in the way it did; why it’s good or otherwise, how it fits in a broader cultural context. Here is where you come for informed opinion and analysis. People are often very selective about how and where they find themselves entertained, so we’re offering reasons why you should see, read, hear, and experience something beyond simply what it’s about.

MaIMG_0169tt who?
Founder and managing editor Matt Reddin has been a published film critic and journalist since 1995. His work has been published in various newspapers and magazines, including The West AustralianVoyeur (Virgin Australia’s in-flight magazine), Foxtel Magazine, What’s Hot on VideoBeat (Melbourne street press), and Grok (Perth street press).

Want to contribute?
Contributions? We welcome them. There is an open slate for content here. If you have something substantial to say about the arts, entertainment and culture, we’d love to have you on board. A piece analysing a film, CD, book, DVD, live gig, game, smart phone app or miscellaneous work of art that deserves coverage for good or ill will find a welcome home here. It doesn’t even have to be brand spanking new – we’re always seeking out old forgotten gems, and reconsidering things that may be gathering dust on the shelf. ‘Bigger picture’ essays on sports, society and politics have made occasional appearances as well. For the reviews, we try to avoid plot points and spoilers – just a qualified explanation of its relative merits. Aim for 500 words and we’ll go from there.

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